L’UPEM, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, is one of the newest and most dynamic universities in France. In partnership with Jacques Berman, specialist in participative identity programs for public institutions, Houltonsmets was commisioned to create the new visual identity for the university.


Over a period of twelve months the project covered the following:

  • An audit of their communication and identity requirements based on thirty individual interviews with stakeholders.
  • A new communication strategy and signature.
  • A full redesign and extensive graphic chart for all their requirements.

The participative process was project managed by Jaques Berman, who involved the whole UPEM community to ensure clarity and understanding in the transition to the new identity.

“Houltonsmets was able to advise and accompany UPEM throughout the identity change and created a brand architecture that took into account all the different entities that comprise the university. Working with the team was very positive and enjoyable”

Sandrine Diago – Head of communication, UPEM