The Frogpubs chain comprises 13 different locations throughout France. Having started over twenty years ago, the chain had grown organically from one one pub in the Rue Saint Denis. Since 2014 we have accompanied the Frogpubs team to reorganise their entire brand architecture and identity that comprises 10 pubs , 3 burger restaurants and their craft beer label.


We have streamlined the Frog brand with an umbrella identity for the group, and related identities for the brewery and burger chain. We also streamlined the identity system for the individual pubs and continue to accompany them on every aspect of the brand’s expression from menus, to uniforms as well as interior design and events.

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the team from Houltonsmets over the last two years. We’ve benefited from their great attention to detail which, coupled with their willingness to pro-actively get involved with every aspect of our brand communication, has allowed us to successfully redefine our image and to communicate this to staff and customers, delivering measurable benefits in terms of perception and sales”

Paul Chantler – Founder & CEO, Frog Group