Hutch’s House of Hot Dogs is a small street food chain that has both fixed outlets and a range of mobile street food solutions including food trucks, vespa cars, and delivery tricycles. Heavily involved in all urban sports and youth culture they regularly collaborate with brands such as Nike, Lacoste and Samsung on their events and are also invariably involved in all major youth culture events in the Paris region.


Working closely with Paulo Fernandes, the founder, we created an identity that reflects the spontaneous, rough and ready approach the brand cultivates. The brand has collaborated with Galibier a craft brewery to create a special edition beers exclusive to Hutch. The company will continue to develop other product ranges through collaboration in France and the US and will be developing a franchise offer in the near future.

“The team adapted perfectly to our working methods, the exchange of ideas was always productive and thought provoking and the final results has lived up to our expectations. Our identity has been a big success, particularly in terms of the appeal it has for our target audience”.

Paulo Fernandes – Founder, Hutch