Historically a childcare brand, over time, Noukie’s has diversified its offer to meet the expectations of their customers. Today, Noukie’s is a brand that encompasses baby care products, toys, decoration and ready-to-wear daywear / nightwear for children from 0 to 8 years old.


Houltonsmets was asked to create an identity that reflected the evolution of the Noukie’s brand. ” Thanks to their knowledge of the brand and their experience, Houltonsmets successfully redesigned the identity and graphic style. The logo has been redesigned to illustrate the transition from a baby’s to a child’s environment, integrating a star, symbolizing the brand as “the guiding star” for parents and their children, a heart, to symbolise parental love, and Nouky the bear, a central character and hero of the company since its creation in 1996.”

Stéphanie Bertaux – Marketing and communications director, Noukie’s

“…Blue remains the predominant colour, but à darker fresher tone has been chosen accompanied by a fluorecent orange, to express the modernity of the brand. The new identity has been rolled out over the whole range including ten new French shops .”

Stéphanie Bertaux – Marketing and communications director, Noukie’s