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HOULTONSMETS | Malakoff Médéric
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Malakoff Médéric

Communication Strategy / Events / Print Design


Created in 2008 from the fusion of 2 groups, Malakoff Médéric is one of the leading groups in France delivering Health and Welfare cover. The group is a non-profit organization and is very engaged on social issues.


Houltonsmets has worked on several internal communication campaigns to improve internal efficiency between departments. A review and redesign as well as the creation of new internal documentation and videos has been a continual process and we continue to collaborate closely with the internal teams to bring clarity and efficiency to a complex and involved process.

“A team that’s responsive, challenging and creative who adapt to the means, context and problematic of each project. Unfailing good humour is a bonus”.

Ingrid Genin – Head of Communication ACE, Malakoff Médéric