Philanthropic donations and membership are essential to the financial well being of the American hospital. Since 2012 we have worked with their development office on all aspects of their printed communication, producing their quarterly magazine, annual reports and marketing collateral.


Over three years we have installed a strong branded style to the communication, blending the heritage of the hospital with a contemporary style that befits a world class organisation. The hospital has set ambitious targets for 2018, both to increase membership overall and to recruit younger clients to their schemes. An extensive program of five major projects in renovation, new equipment and programmes around patient care is being launched over the next five years.

“The key to our successful working relationship with the Houltonsmets team is that they instinctively understood the culture and values of our institution yet still retain the ability to challenge us with different perspectives when necessary. Their flexibility and ability to deliver the right solution rapidly is very reassuring for us”

Jérôme DEANA – Director of Development