Neo Finances had developed a strong reputation as the leading specialist in consolidation and was at the forefront of technological innovations in the sector. In order to move to the next stage in its development, and compete succesfully against the Big Four financial services groups, Neo Finances asked us to develop a new brand and visual identity.


To achieve their objectives, our key recommendation was to change the company name from Neo Finances to Neonn, with a new company signature “Global Consolidation Solutions”.  The company brand position is encapsulated by the phrase “Always On”, a leitmotif that features in every aspect of their communication. Neonn has continued to build on its success and has opened offices in Miami, Casablanca and Shanghai.

“Changing the company name was a major decision but the arguments presented by the team were compelling and carefully thought out. The transition has transformed our business both internally and externally and allowed us to meet all our objectives.”

Vincent Tignon – Founding Partner, Neonn

“The process of creating a strong brand story and the collaboration with Houltonsmets these past 3 years has been very rewarding.”

Vincent Tignon – Founding Partner, Neonn