Born from a joint venture between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and the École Polytechnique Montréal, Quantis has developed into a recognised leader in the field of environmental sustainability solutions. With eight offices worldwide, the expertise and innovation of their young dynamic teams has allowed them to build an impressive rosta of bluechip companies with ambitious sustainability programs. Piloted by the group’s director of communication the rebranding objective was to create a unique and creative company image that challenged the conventional codes associated with the sustainability sector. The ultimate goal, express the unique spirit of the company in every detail and aspect of the brands communication.


Through discussions with the teams and the extensive client video testimonials that were available, we were enable to draw a very clear portrait of what charactristics made Quantis distinctive. The key conclusion we established was the unique “left brain, right brain” approach to their work. As scientists this was embodied by a very pragmatic, analytical and concrete approach. This is also combined with a spontaneous and creative approach to problem solving which makes the company unique.
The identity created by Houltonsmets was inspired by this dual approach, the ‘Quant’ representing the scientific analytical expertise, the ‘is’ a verb that connects ideas and concepts representing the dynamic and creative aspect of the brand.


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