Dominic Smets – Creative Director.

Dominic’s role is to oversee all creative work in the agency and accompany clients on every aspect of their brand, communication and digital strategy.
Dominic moved to Paris from England in 1992 with 2 simple objectives, to find work and learn french. The first objective he achieved, the second he claims he is still working on.


What do you most enjoy in your work ?

“There are so many aspects that I enjoy, but in particular helping companies develop and grow. Possibly the greatest satisfaction I gain is from the transformative role that an effective brand design can have within a company. There is a tangible shift in attitude, the way in which staff perceive the company and their role within it. It brings everyone a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.”


What did you do prior to Houltonsmets ?

“I studied in London at the LCP and spent a short spell in London at Lambie Nairn, I joined Bracq Gauvin in Paris working on campaigns and product launches for iconic French brands such as Evian, Cointreau and Max Mara as well as international brands such as Haagen Dazs and Head & Shoulders. I then joined Perimetre, specialists in corporate brand strategy. In a 6 year period we rebranded the Cannes Films festival, launched France Telecoms first internet service (Wanadoo) and carried out over 50 marketing operations for the Crédit Lyonnais including the first Bank consumer catalogue in France. I then joined A&Co, an agency that had created some of the best known identities in France (BNP, Total) where I worked on the rebrand and launch of the new identity of La Poste among other projects.”